My athletic career started early in life. I began soccer at the age of 3 and continued playing until the age of 21. My determination and athletic ability took me to a high level of play. However, as we all know, soccer in Canada declined in popularity and having reached the pinnacle, I decided to take on new adventures.  

Near the end of my soccer career , slowly, I began competing in cross country running and track and field . My track record was spectacular. I earned many high school records in the 1500 meter and 3000 meter Races for Greater Montreal; they still stand today.

I then joined the West Island Track Club and began competing throughout Canada . My ranking was impressive , first in Canada for cross-country and first for the 3000 meter race. My running continued and I was offered a scholarship at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock . I accepted the scholarship, but not being impressed with the academic aspect, I returned to Canada. After six years of running, I decided to take on new and bigger challenges.

That's when my bodybuilding career started. After two years of training I came second at the Mr. Montreal in the "light heavy" category. This qualified me for the Provincials in 1997 where I placed second in the "light heavys ", again in 1998 a second place win but in the heavy weights at a weight of 218 pounds .

Next came the Nationals in Edmonton in 1999, for which I trained at Golds gym, Venice, California, where I was increasingly motivated and inspired. My off -season weight tipped the scales at 280 pounds and competition weight at 240 pounds. A sixth place finish fuelled the fire for the following year in Calgary, Alberta.

While continuing in the Mecca (Golds, Venice ) I learned many techniques that improved my training and created new muscle growth. In year 2000, the Canadian Nationals held in Calgary, Alberta was my next mission. All my knowledge and hard work and dedication paid off, first place win in the "super heavy weights" category at a weight of 236 pounds. Now I am working on improving my muscle mass so I can turn professional in the near future.  
This is a sport where you can't do it alone, I had a lot of help from friends and family. I would like to thank everybody who helped me along the way ,and especially thank God.